RM 4,000 for midface (cheeks).

        RM 6,750 for midface (cheeks) and jawline.

   This includes the procedure, medications and 2 clinic               consultations (i before and 1 after procedure).

  Areas that can be treated with Silhouette Soft :

  • Cheeks and cheekbones.
  • Lower jaw for correcting jowls.
  • Neck.
  • Eyebrows.
  • Nose.

            Why Silhouette Soft makes a difference

  • Taylor made treatment adapted to each case.
  • Performed using only local anaesthesia.
  • Less than 60 minutes total procedure time.
  • Skin lifting, tightening and wrinkle reduction.
  • Immediate results with almost zero downtime.
  • Results remain effective for up to 12 months.
  • Use of resorbable suture material.
  • It is complementary to other aesthetic treatments such as Botox and Hyaluronic acid fillers.

SILHOUETTE SOFT® is a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure using absorbable sutures to obtain lifting and tightening facial skin. It is United States FDA approved and is affective in correcting skin ptosis and reducing the signs of aging. The procedure takes less than an hour and gives the patient an immediate results which last up to 18 months. With a little make-up patients can return to work on the same day. SILHOUETTE SOFT® comes in the form of bidirectional absorbable thread cones. It is made in the United States and its development is based on six years of experience in suture suspension with cones used in reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery.